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Rant and Rave of the Week: October 1, 2009


A Foul Smell
  Every once in a while I have noticed that the corner where Hopper and the new University Union face each other will have this putrid smell. It smells like a combination of poop and rotten garbage. I have also noticed that there is a grill there so I can only guess that somebody is cooking up some poop patties. Every time I walk past there now I hold my breath and pray that the fumes will not damage my brain. Somebody somewhere needs to find a huge bottle of Febreze and solve the stink.

Rachel George- Junior Biology major


A Thanks to Jazzman’s
 How great is it to have two Jazzman’s? It is so convenient to have the Jazzman’s in the library, because when I am studying, and I have burned all my available brain energy, it is nice to be able to be in the library and refuel my brain without wasting extra precious study time. If you study in your dorm, the same thing goes for the Jazzman’s at the Palms area. Also Jazzman’s itself is great. It is perfect for a nice breakfast, or snack, and it has a good variety for being a coffee shop.
Rachel George – Junior Biology major

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