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All My Sons Review

By Raechal Etheridge

Missing sons, lovers that shouldn’t be, war-time scandal, and mother who can’t let go. Drama is around every curtain.

The play opens in the Keller’s backyard. A stunning, well crafted house with a large back porch, screen door, benches and a newly planted tree are the perfect backdrop for this family’s home. It’s a Sunday morning and the family is discussing their mother’s dream. Their son Larry has disappeared in a battle in World War II. She dreamt that he was flying a plane and she could see him falling, “if she could only touch him…” she says. This moment sets a mood of longing for the entire play. Soon a visitor of the past comes to visit from New York, Ann Deever, the former girlfriend of the missing son. It is instantly obvious the chemistry and connection between son Chris and Ann. This angers mom, Kate, because it is just one more reminder that her son isn’t coming home. After some chitchat and catching up we find out about Ann’s father and Joe’s (the father of Chris, husband to Kate) business that turned ugly. They were making parts for the war and Ann’s father sold faulty parts. They were both tried and found guilty of War profiteering. Ann’s father was still in prison and Joe was released earlier. In defense of Ann’s father Joe says “see it human!” and “you have to forgive” themes that are throughout the entire play. In the next few scenes we discover that Chris and Ann intend to marry and that Ann’s brother, George, is coming to visit. George is coming from a visit with his and Ann’s father which has everyone on their toes. They are nervous that the whole situation will be brought up again and that Joe could be in danger again. Each character is slowly weaving themselves into a greater tangle. Make sure to catch a showing Oct 8-10, 12-14 at 7:30 or on Oct 11 at 3 in Sawyer Theatre.

I felt that I really connected with the message of the play, that you have to forgive and that we are all human. Family is what is important and you have to defend the important things in your life. Arthur Miller really stayed true to what he knows best. This play has many colorful and gripping characters. I really found myself connecting to each one, relating to each of them in a different way. The audience I found myself in laughed and awed at the real moments being played out for us, at the real characters displaying true emotions. I don’t often find myself in a theatre but can honestly say I enjoyed All My Sons.

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