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Full time students, part time mixed martial artists

On Oct. 17 in Griffin, Ga., two students will be making their amateur debut into the world of Ultimate Fighting or, as it is officially known, mixed martial arts.
 Jay Edwards, a health and physical education major, and Bobby Stiner, a graduate health and physical major, will be representing the White Tiger Martial Arts Academy in a MMA match.
 MMA incorporates all fighting styles. According to Edwards, it requires all aspects of martial arts and allows you to use a variety of punches, kicks and takedowns.
 Both Edwards and Stiner transitioned to MMA from football.
 “I played football all my life; I played a year here at Valdosta state,”  Edwards said. “My passion was with football all my life then it transitioned to this and I plan on doing this a long time.”
 Stiner tried to pursue a career in football but when it didn’t work out, he got into MMA.
 “My strength and conditioning coach [in my last college] got me turned on to Brazilian jujitsu. I started learning a little from him,” Stiner said.
 Both Steiner and Edwards feel MMA has taught them humility and gotten them better in tune with their bodies.

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