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Radio show gets financial beating and Fergie’s husband is accused of cheating

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Brace yourselves Blazers! Hollywood has been really busy this week with its’ cheaters, baby makers, law breakers, and yes, stalkers.
 I don’t normally put stories like this in ‘Pop Addict,’ but it’s just too bizarre and downright stupid to not inform you of this tragic incident.
 A morning radio station in Sacramento, Calif., has been ordered to pay $16 million to the family of a woman who died during a 2007 contest gone wrong, called “Hold Your Wee for a Wii.” The contest was for any regular listener to compete for a Nintendo Wii console in the studio by drinking the most water without urinating or vomiting.
The sad thing is, the contest lasted a little too much longer than expected. Jennifer Strange, wife and mother of three began to complain during the contest after a few hours of a splitting headache.  She then quit and ran to the bathroom to vomit, putting her in second place in the contest. Strange then called in sick to work the next day and died that afternoon of water intoxication.
Despite the many warnings of drinking too much water could be fatal, the hosts of the radio show received, they continued with the contest anyway. Because of that negligence, 10 employees were fired and the $16 million will be paid to the Strange family.
 On a much lighter note, Stacy Ferguson’s (aka. Fergie from the “Black Eyed Peas”) husband Josh Duhamel (from “Transformers”) has been accused of cheating with a stripper, Nicole Forrester. 
 The exotic dancer claims that Duhamel was actually the one who leaked the story by bragging to some friends on the set of a movie. He apparently had a one night sexcapade with the blonde stripper in early October at Atlanta’s nude club “Tattletales Lounge” where he referred to himself as “JD.” Duhamel was in Atlanta filming his new comedy “Life as We Know It.” Duhamel and Forrester kept in touch through phone calls after their meeting and “getting to know each other.”
 The tabloid National Enquirer broke the story and asked Forrester to take a lie detector test, which she did and passed. Now we know the story is true, so what the heck is Fergie going to do now? Is another Hollywood divorce on its way after only 11 months of marriage?
 Colin Farrell became a daddy, again. The actor and his girlfriend, actress Alicja Bachleda, welcomed their new baby boy HenryTadeusz Farrell on Oct. 7.  The two have been dating since early this year and this is their first child together. Colin is also father to a 6-year-old son, James Padraig Farrell (with model Kim Bordenave.) 
Sadly, the story just broke into the news, so yes, the baby is now about a month old. But news is news.

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