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AT&T’s plan to take the 3G network nationwide

Earlier this year, AT&T announced that they would be launching a 3G mobile broadband Network in Valdosta. As of Oct. 29, 2009, there is more than 300 square miles of new 3G coverage across Valdosta.

            The availability of AT&T 3G mobile broadband network in the Valdosta area is incredibly crucial to businesses, colleges and universities, and local residents. The extension is part of the network’s continuing innovations and investments to deliver the benefit of smartphones and mobile broadband for consumers.

            AT&T is said to be a leading provider of wireless, Wi-Fi, high-speed Internet and voice services. That being said, the new addition to the network will be very beneficial to the university. “More than ever before, customers look to wireless communications to stay in touch with friends, family, and business colleagues,” said Keith Holmes, Vice President and general manager for AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets in Georgia. “We’re working to make this possible by adding new wireless coverage and offering exciting products to help our customers stay connected with their world, at home and on the go.”

            With the new innovations, Internet connection and mobile usage should be a breeze for staff and students. “The 3G network is well needed,” said Jada Clarke, VSU sophomore. “I can never get service anywhere on campus.” With 3G, customers will be able to surf the Web at high speeds, download files faster than ever, and enjoy the very latest interactive mobile applications.

            AT&T will continue to explore the world of modernization, as they have announced plans to further upgrade. “Demand for wireless bandwidth is growing, whether it’s for sharing videos and photos with friends, watching a movie, checking the latest sports score, and listening to music on a phone, netbook and or other mobile device while on the go,” said Courtney Brinson, regional manager, AT&T external and legislative affairs. “With this expansion, our customers can continue to ride the leading edge of mobile broadband with emerging devices and thousands of mobile applications.”

            AT&T’s latest plans are to take the 3G network nationwide with HSPA 7.2 technology to deliver considerably faster mobile broadband speeds. This addition will begin in the fourth quarter and should be completed by 2011.

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