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People Poll: Are you concerned with debt after graduation?

Ashli Rastegar
Senior english major

“I don’t have a credit card, but I plan on paying off student loans with monthly payments until I die.”


Brittany Bell
Sophomore philosophy major

“My parents pay for everything and I have Hope.”


Levi Hibbard
Freshman mathematics major

“I only have a little debt from student loans. I only took out one while I was trying to get Hope back. And I’m still a freshman so I have a while before I need to be really concerned with it.”


Breanna Foster
Freshman criminal justice

“I do not have student loans or credit cards.  I only spend what I have.”


Shray Daniels
Junior criminal justice major

“I have a lot of student loans and I plan on joining the military after graduation. They will pay them back for me.”

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