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VSU Film Festival returns

The Valdosta Film Festival is coming back to VSU, with more films, prizes, laughs and suspense than last year. The Fifth Annual Valdosta Film Festival will take place on December 5 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Bailey Science Building. Changes from last year’s festival include the festival being open to the region, more films, and better prizes. The event is hosted by senior Dabe Patterson, a mass media major.

“The films are significantly better,” said Patterson.

The films were made by filmmakers from Valdosta, but most of the entries are from Mass Media majors and some students who entered last year. Ten to fifteen entries have been accepted, twice as much as last year.

Joshua Kahreill, the “Best Picture” winner from last year, has entered in this year’s festival. His winning film from last year was a comedy about an old woman who pretended to be a nosy neighbor, accusing her college student neighbors of dealing drugs, when it was her all along. Students were given the opportunity to pick the winner, and Kahreill received the biggest applause.

The upcoming festival will have a variety of films, featuring characters from heroin addicts to martial artists, and all genres, from action movies to dark comedies. With the new changes to the festival, winners will receive plaques and gift stores to an electronics store.  Awards will be given out for Best Editing, Best Screenplay, Best Actor and more.

The films will be judged by talent agents from Los Angeles and VSU Mass Media professor Larry Etling. The panel of professionals will determine the winners. The student filmmakers thus have a great opportunity to have their film recognized by L.A. professionals.

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