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Odum Library renovations transitioning to first floor

 Odum Library has finished the first phase of renovations with the completion of the second floor. 
 Construction at Odum began the summer 2009 with plans to renovate all three floors in separate phases.
 New carpet, paint, ceiling tiles and sprinklers   will be added to make the older side of the library look similar to the addition already renovated.    
 Plans to renovate Odum are 13 years in the making.
  According to the Odum Library webpage, when the Library Addition was planned in 1997, renovations to Odum were also a part of the plan as well. However, financial increases caused the renovations to be halted.
 With second floor complete, construction of the first floor will begin in March.  Plans for the third floor include creating new study rooms, built-in carrels and more interior changes for offices that will make them bigger and more efficient. 
 “Third floor renovation will occur, [depending] on funding, after the first floor is completed,” Circulation Librarian Alan Bernstein, said.
  “The renovation, in itself, adds no new services. The renovation is intended to bring the look and quality of the original building up to date,” Bernstein said.  “Students will continue to see a traditional library with all the changes.” 
 When asked about Odum’s renovations some students feel that VSU has other problems.
 “I think that it is good that they are making changes to the library but I think that they should have made more changes to parking before that because I think parking is more of a major concern to students before making the library better looking,” Katie Sauder, sophomore undecided major said.
 Other students are thrilled about the renovations and the changes that the library will bring.
 “I think that students may see it as a library and not a hang out spot. The union is here now so they can hang there. I think that it (Odum) will be a better environment for students who want to actually study.” Melody Sobhani, Junior Biology major said.

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