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People Poll: Is obesity an epidemic?

Tammy Leavell
junior, middle grades science
“Yes, because you see evidence in a broad range of ages, young to old.”

Calandria Grogan
senior, sociology
“Yes, because today children are being raised differently by younger parents. The parents need to watch what their children eat and be more active with them. “

Daniel Resciniti
senior, mass media
“Yes, never in the history of mankind have so many people been so fat with so many preventive diseases.”

Jason Brown
senior, mass media major
“Yes, especially in the African-American community. We love soul food but soul food is unhealthy. I think the African-American community needs to pay more attention to this epidemic.”

Aubrey Galeza
senior, mass media
“Yes, because the U.S. is the fattest country. People are lazier with video games and kids are not active.”

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