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Smoking still an issue on campus

According to a recent study, 28.5% of college students are smokers. Of these, 28% have been doing so since the age of 19. But what about the students who do not smoke?
An American Lung Association report released in 2008 states that over 130 colleges and universities have completely smoke-free campuses; 500 schools, including VSU, have smoke-free student housing.
According to the VSU Student Handbook, smoking is prohibited not only inside the residence halls, but also within a 50-foot radius around all buildings on campus.
Out of 50 VSU students polled on campus, over half say they do not think that smoking should be banned on campus.
However, the majority of students interviewed believe that there should be designated smoking areas on campus.
Reviewing the poll data, it became clear that most students took one extreme position or the other, making statements in line either with “I don’t smoke, but smoking doesn’t bother me,” or with “Yes, smoking should absolutely be banned on campus.”
There were very few students who didn’t have an opinion on the matter.
“I don’t like smoking, but it’s a personal choice. It shouldn’t be banned,” Claire Jones, sophomore more psychology major, said.
The Student Government Association has not made any further plans to limit smoking and/or ban smoking on campus.
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  1. you’re a genius! I appreciate your unbiased viewpoint for this article! Keep up the good work!

  2. Its called decency. If you smoke, don’t smoke in someone’s face. If you don’t smoke, don’t hang out near a smoker. The campus is big enough these days to accomodate both parties. Great way to show both sides! Thank You!

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