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Pick your poison, America

Apparently my attempt at Swift inspired sarcasm went over a few heads last week. It’s a shame, because I was looking forward to modeling the health care debate after Gulliver’s Travels.
I guess I’ll leave the extravagant tales about health care to our politicians.
The health care debate has done well to turn our greatest politicians into raging zealots that are poison to their own cause. One party would have you believe that universal health care is the glove through which socialism slips its hand, while the other party tells you that it will save the lives of every American forever. Both are ridiculously over exaggerated, but we have to put up with it because nobody has thought of a third option yet.
Half of the problem is the Republicans. To their credit, the Republican Party has done everything to kill Obama’s health care bill and set the remains on fire. When the socialism scare failed, the GOP came up with a “purity test” that threatens to deny campaign funding for any Republican that supports the health care bill. So if any Republican wanted to play ball with the Democrats, they have to be willing to do so without a bat and glove.
Honestly, I can’t understand how you can present universal health care as something evil. Our current system allows companies to take advantage of our fears and illnesses in order to make a profit. We bleed out money constantly, whether we’re on the operating table or off it. Also, we are charged higher premiums and out-of pocket expenses for things like pre-existing conditions, which includes cancers and type two diabetes. Now THAT is sinister.
The other half of the problem is the Democrats, who can’t even pass a bill with a “supermajority.” I was actually excited about health care reform, but I find it hard to support any party that shows so little conviction for their own policy. Perhaps they realized that copy and pasting Canada’s health care plan wasn’t a good idea for a population of 333 million people.
Then again, I’m glad we now have the time to look over the bill. I know Michael Moore brainwashed a lot of you into believing that universal health care is perfect, but it’s not. If you didn’t like waiting two weeks to see a doctor at the Student Health Center during the swine flu scare, then you’re not going to love Obama care. Also, I’m not a fan of the federal government telling doctors how to do their jobs. Our politicians don’t even understand how the climate works, let alone what it tasks to remove a kidney.
Well, maybe Senator Durbin (D-IL) knows a thing or two, but it’s not like he performed the operation on himself.
So the question we have to ask is: Which is the lesser evil? Is it the Canadian Frankenstein policy that, without a whole lot of legislation, will not adapt well to our culture or our population? Or is it our current health care system that is dependent on scam artists that legally rip us off for the convenience of seeing a doctor when we’re sick?
My vote is for the Frankenstein. Sure it might not look pretty and it will terrify doctors, but no one should die because they couldn’t afford to live.

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