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Another sheet sign destroyed

The string of sorority sheet sign arson allegedly continued as a sheet sign, ironically stating “Burn it down if you want to,” made by Delta Sigma Theta was allegedly burned down on early Thursday morning.
Less than a week ago, a sheet sign made by the sisters of Sigma Gamma Rho was also burned down.
“I think it’s stupid and very inconsiderate,” Shenie Johnson, sister of Sigma Gamma Rho, said. “It’s like they’re defaming the name of the organization. It’s a horrible thing to do.”
Delta Sigma Theta has not received any information.
“Delta Sigma Theta has no information about who burned the sign,” Danielle White, president of Delta Sigma Theta, said. “It’s kind of sad that people are damaging other people’s property. It took a great amount of time to do the sheet sign and it’s frankly sad that it’s gone.”
The two signs that were burned were in the Hopper Hall Courtyard, right next to student residences.
The arson is raising safety concerns.
“If anyone is arrested for burning down the signs, they would potentially be charged with arson in the third degree,” stated Cpl. Joshua Luke of the VSU PD.
VSU PD is currently investigating the two crimes to see if they are related and if VSU has a serial arsonist on campus. If anyone has any leads in this case, contact the VSU PD at 229-333-7816.

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