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The Farmhouse, a quaint alternative

This week the Tasters went a little bit out of Valdosta, about 15 minutes south of it, in fact, to the little town of Lake Park. We went to the Farmhouse, a country restaurant reminiscent of Cracker Barrel, located right next to the outlet mall.
The atmosphere was very quaint, with a small country store adjacent that sold things like jewelry and homemade jam. The artwork around the restaurant was nature-inspired, and as in Cracker Barrel, there were random items used as decoration around shelves on the walls. Overall, the Farmhouse felt a bit more authentic than Cracker Barrel and not as much like a franchise. It created a feeling of being in the country and waiting for a good home-cooked meal. The overall look and air of the building produces a slow-paced experience which is relaxing and comforting.
The service was great. Our waitress was very polite and agreeable. She joked with us when Ashley ordered a lot more than she thought she did. Altogether the staff was polite and really had that Southern hospitality in mind. The staff seemed extremely comfortable and relaxed, giving the impression that they were glad to be there to help, and any need was met when or shortly after it arose.
Ashley had the pancakes, grits, and hashbrowns , and was really surprised by the size of the portions. They don’t skimp on anything. Everything was pretty simple. Nothing fancy added to anything, but it was still a good meal, plus Ashley had enough to take home a box.
Michael ordered the short stack and bacon with an orange juice as a chaser. The pancakes were fat and filling, while the bacon was a tasty side. The orange juice was a bottle of Minute Maid, which was disappointing considering the home-styled fashion of the restaurant. It was for the most part a perfect breakfast with the well-made pancakes.
Price was average. You’ll pay about $6-7 for a good-sized meal and friendly service.
For good service and good portions, the Tasters are giving Farmhouse a four out of five.

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