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‘Twilight’ fake couple really gets together, Woods and Brown are birds of a feather

“Twilight” fans, it’s official. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are dating. After months of speculation, they finally went public with everything. The two were supposed to make their debut couple premiere at the BAFTA Academy Awards in London, but they couldn’t even arrive together because the fans would be too crazy. They even avoided photographs together. Come on, act like you like one another. The paparazzi are too busy trying to break up Brangelina anyway.
More dating news: Audrina Patridge has a new man in her life. She and Ryan Cabrera have been spotted hanging out recently. He’s even rumored to be on future episodes of “The Hills.” Let’s just hope Justin Bobby doesn’t float in and ruin this one for her.
The teen sensation Justin Beiber is rumored to be appearing on “Saturday Night Live” which may contribute to his seemingly overnight stardom. The YouTube-found star will be one of the youngest to appear on “SNL.” Maybe all the youngsters who are in love with him will convince their parents to let them stay up past their bedtime to watch that episode.
“Growing Pains” star Andrew Koenig’s parents are making pleas for information for the whereabouts of their son. Missing since Feb. 14, the star just disappeared, even cleaning out his apartment before his disappearance was reported.
Charlie Sheen has re-entered rehab recently, but as a preventative measure. His wife has been in and out of rehab lately, and apparently the couple is having trouble keeping up with their children. Maybe they need to enter couples and family rehab. Think about the kids here, Charlie.
Out of rehab and apologizing for his mistakes, Tiger Woods has a new supporter. Chris Brown has his back, saying that he hopes he returns to the fields soon because that’s what he’s best at. Then, surprise surprise, Brown changed things back to himself, saying that people forgave him, so people should forgive Woods. Brown also said Woods deserved another chance, especially because he got one. Way to move the spotlight back to yourself.

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