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Who will you vote for?

Students had the opportunity to listen to viewpoints and ask candidates questions at the Student Government Association Platform held Wednesday night in Powell Hall Auditorium.
A total of seven candidates are running for executive positions in the upcoming elections, which will be held April 19 and 20.
SGA Vice President Chris Nish and SGA senators, Ryan Brown and DeMario Jones are running for the president.
Senators Adrian Gibson and Jasmine Coer are running for vice-president.
SGA Secretary Avraye Henry consecutively runs for her current position unopposed and Graduate Student Ernesto Prencke runs for Comptroller unopposed.
During the platform, each candidate had the opportunity to introduce themselves and explain what kind of experience they had for the positions they are seeking.
A video of candidate interviews, courtesy of Mass Media student Mikaela McIntosh, was also shown highlighting what plans candidates had for SGA and the student body.
The platform was run by SGA Comptroller Morgan Alexander, who randomly selected questions from a list prepared prior to the event.
Each candidate was given three minutes to answer each question selected.
The floor was also opened for questions from the students, which ranged from handling previous senate problems and a variety of student issues on campus.
Candidates were given one minute each to answer the first round of questions from the floor, then thirty seconds for the second round.
Candidates then gave their closing remarks and their reasons to why students should vote for them.
Students can begin voting for SGA executive candidates and senators this Monday starting at 8 a.m. by visiting www.valdosta.edu . There will be a link on the homepage. Voting ends on April 20 at 11:59 p.m.

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