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Blazers Tavern, representing VSU 

For my last week here at VSU, I decided to change it up and went to Blazers Tavern in Remerton. I went for lunch so I didn’t get the bar side but the restaurant side.
The atmosphere was typical for a bar. They had an interesting mural of West Hall behind the stage that made it feel even more like VSU than the name. They had pool and a few trivia game machines. The inside was dark,so if you are going for lunch, I would recommend sitting outside.
The service was one of the best things about this place. The waitress was polite and very friendly. In general, everyone there was in a good mood. Timing for food and everything was pretty average.
I orderedt the chili cheeseburger and fries. The fries were good. They were crispy and fresh from the fryer. The burger was fine but nothing special. You will definitely leave full from Blazer Tavern though. For this meal with no drink, it was $8.55.
Price was a little much for what you get. I could get the same meal for a couple dollars less, so if you just like the atmosphere and company, it might be worth paying the extra couple of bucks.
All in all, the service and food was good, but for me the price was a bit much and the atmosphere was for a select crowd. I am giving the Blazers Tavern four out of five stars.

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