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‘Remember Me’ brings more than just romance

Tyler Hawkins and Ally Craig have both lead harsh lives in the harsh world of New York City. When fate puts them together, a perfect match is created.
While a lot of the focus is on the relationship of Tyler and Ally, the plot is complicated. There are issues involving the inattentive lawyer father Charles Hawkins, played by Pierce Brosnan. Tyler’s artistic outcast 11-year-old sister Caroline, played by the adorable, wide-eyed Ruby Jerins (“Shutter Island,” “Six Degrees”), and Ally’s overprotective cop father Neil Craig, played by Chris Cooper (“The Patriot,” “The Bourne Identity”).
After seeing Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen and Cedric Diggory, this role was refreshing and seemed more natural to him. Pattinson stars as Tyler Hawkins, a college student at NYU with an undecided future and a tragic past. Tyler is a smart, cocky individual who is distant with his father, rooms with his best friend Aidan Hall, played by Tate Ellington (“The Elephant King,” “Red Hook”), and adores his little sister. the role of Tyler, offers Pattinson a wider range of emotions than Edward Cullen does; shown by Pattinson’s improved acting and excellent portrayal of the character.
Emilie de Ravin is very convincing as Ally Craig, a 21-yearold student and future social worker who catches Tyler’s attention one day in class, leading to their inevitable meeting. Ally has a heartbreaking past too, causing her to relate to Tyler. She strives for independence under her father’s constant watch. De Ravin’s chemistry with Pattinson is impeccable as their characters complement each other very well.
The film also stars Lena Olin (“Chocolat”) as Tyler’s mom, Diane Hirsch, and Gregory Jbara (“Grounded for Life,” “Exit Speed”) as Tyler’s stepdad, Les Hirsch. While these two are not major roles, the stepdad rarely appearing, each hold their own and add to the realism of the film.
The script is witty and well written, and the underlying musical score is very appropriate, matching well with their respective scenes. Do not go into this movie thinking it is just going to be a love story; there is definitely a lot more going on under the trailer-displayed plot.
With director Allen Coulter (“Hollywoodland”) and writer Will Fetters, “Remember Me” is an emotionally impacting movie about love and the bond of family.
Currently the movie is in theaters at Ashley Cinemas.

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