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Students need to form opinions

Most college students have been in a situation when a friend focused on politics or current issues talks about those issues. They seem so knowledgeable that the student thinks “they must be right.” Then the listener has a personal choice. Accept their friend’s opinion, or research the topic and form their own opinion.
Many students may not realize they have that choice, or think it doesn’t really matter. But it does matter – absolutely. One of the main problems affecting my generation is through classes, professors, and friends, students are bombarded with opinions and typically go with the easy path of accepting these opinions instead of doing research to have a more informed outlook on hot-button issues.
It does take effort, and no one is able to do in-depth research into every controversy that seems to pop up in our society, and not all of them have the same importance, like the difference between which Hollywood couple broke up and national security.
Despite the effort it takes and what misgivings a student might have, I think it is vitally important that as the emerging generation, college students need to be more informed and well rounded individuals.
Politics is the direction a lot of people go when you think of or talk about opinions because the politicians are the people who run the country and seem to have an increasing amount of control in our lives and the economy. A part of being more well-rounded college students lies in being able to understand other political views no matter what view they favor. The political parties are treated too much like sports teams and need to be looked more as suggestion groups. The future success of society lies in taking bits and pieces of each solution presented by a political party and putting them together. All it takes is college students to take a little bit more initiative and crack their minds open just a little bit more.

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