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Coach Doscher aims to help players

 Coach Michael Doscher, VSU’s strength and conditioning coach, spends countless hours during the week to make sure the athletes are reach their full athletic potential.
 Originally from Westwood, N.J., Doscher displays so much emotion for what he does that it feeds off to players and coaches. Doscher, employed at VSU for 14 years, does training for all sports offered at VSU, but he usually works with football, baseball and basketball players. Doscher’s passion for coaching is sparked by his past.
 “Senior year in high school, I got nerve damage in my neck playing football,” Doscher said.  “The doctor told me that if I keep playing I’ll lose my right arm and if I stop, I’ll keep my right arm. I realized that I was trained incorrectly. I was trained like a body builder, not for athletics. I became interested in sports training so that I could prevent others from hurting themselves and perform as athletes.”
 Doscher usually arrives to work at 4:30 a.m. and typically stays until 7 p.m.; this is his routine five days a week.
 During the season, he will set up workouts to last about 30-45 minutes depending on the sport. Offseason workouts always last longer than workouts during the season and during these sessions, athletes work on everything from speed development to flexibility training.
 “We set up programs for each player depending on the sport and position,” Doscher said.  “Everything is specially designed for what the player can and cannot do. We test them and start the program from their scores. When it comes down to it, the weight room isn’t for me or anyone else, it’s for them. They built the weight room and they are the ones who perform. I’m just here to get them to their highest ability.”
 Doscher is highly respected throughout the athletic department, but specifically recognized in football.
 Joe Cauthen, fourth year defensive coordinator, likes how innovative and advanced Doscher’s techniques are.  Cauthen, whose defense is ranked among the best in the nation, believes that the program is lucky to have him.
 “He’s very valuable; I’ve been without one before,” Cauthen said.  “Most people don’t understand that he doesn’t get paid to do what he does. He does it because he simply wants to. He would be very difficult to replace.”
 ­Cauthen and Doscher have kept a strong relationship since Cauthen arrived to Valdosta a couple years ago.
 “I stay out of his way and let him do his job,” Cauthen said.  “He does the same towards me.”
 Doscher and the other coaches strive hard to improve and better all athletes, not only in the weight room but on game day as well. With the players being physically primed and healthy, the coaches jobs are made that much easier.

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