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Storm soaks students

Students had to pull out their rainboots, umbrellas, and rain coats to help keep dry on a rain-filled Wednesday. Parts of campus and several roads were flooded with the 1.2 inches of rain. Wednesday was the second time in the past three days that the city of Valdosta saw substantial amounts of rain.

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On campus burglaries reach 5 year high

 According to the Campus Crime Report produced by the VSUPD, on-campus burglaries have more than doubled in under a year.  Burglary is defined as the unlawful entry of a structure to commit a crime.  Some believe the influx in the student population plays a part in the number of burglaries, but the university law enforcement thinks otherwise.  “Since the dorms ...

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SGA to vote on Health Center fee

 On Monday, Valdosta State Student Government Association, will vote on a proposed policy to impose a $15 fee for missed appointments at the Student Health Center.   “Whenever I call the health center, they’re always backed up and it’s hard to get an appointment soon enough, so when I hear of people missing appointments, and I had to wait two weeks ...

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Langdale residents displaced

   As it did last spring with the occupants of Langdale’s C wing, VSU’s Housing and Residence Life Department is requiring the residents of the A wing to vacate the premises in order to continue its multi-year renovation process.  The move is generating confusion and controversy among some Langdale residents. Langdale is currently undergoing a three-year renovation which includes, but ...

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Downtown’s First Friday set for this week

From Staff Reports  First Friday happens on the First Friday of every month. Every month has different events and specials from the downtown Valdosta restaurants and shops.   Throughout the night, those in attendance have the opportunity to eat the food that is being offered by the businesses and enjoy the music, which is provided by a local band.  Certain restaurants ...

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‘09 Social Perspective survey results released

   Social Perspectives: Exhibit 56: Colleges have the right to ban extreme speakers from campus.  In the fall of 2009, an experimental survey was conducted on a group of freshmen on various social perspectives. One of the questions asked whether or not colleges had the right to ban extreme speakers from campus.  Of those asked, 51.3 percent either strongly agreed ...

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Comedian dies, Star Wars revived

 Comedian and NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” judge, Greg Giraldo, died yesterday after accidentally overdosing on prescription drugs.  Giraldo was found unconscious in his hotel room this past Saturday.    He was hospitalized over the weekend, according to the A.V. Club Web site.  Giraldo overdosed after his performance at the New York Recovery Rally in Randall’s Island Park in New York ...

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Vegetarian meals available on campus

Vegetarians have always had to adapt at restaurants or eateries trying to find a dish that fits their appetite. Finding meals while being a vegetarian student at VSU is no different.

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Halo Reach: Rebirth of Halo series

Halo Reach landed in stores on Sept. 14, and it couldn’t have been a bigger hit. As an avid fan of the Halo franchise, I purchased Reach to see if it was worth the money and all the hype, and it was just one incredible head-rush after another.

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Best years of life come to big screen

 I remember high school as a time of uncomfortable encounters with women and embarrassing moments that are punctuated with clashes of the other cliques.  Mind you my clique wasn’t exactly swimming in the cool side of the proverbial pool, but then again I’m glad it didn’t.   “The Virginity Hit” is kind of a reminder of everything that made you ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!