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Up ‘Til Dawn informs students

 Up ‘Til Dawn is a student organization that informs the campus of the work that St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is doing. It gives students an understanding of how vital this hospital is to the survival of so many children.
 “I think it is a wonderful group on campus and I think what they are doing for St. Jude Children Hospital is a wonderful thing,” junior Political Science major Sakeena Leben said.
 Several teams of five or more people within the organization are created to raise funds for the hospital.
 “So far the organization has approximately 20 teams. We would like to have 40 teams this year so we are half way there. The dead line for Team Registration Forms is not until October 22nd so people still have time to get the forms in,”  President of Up ‘Til Dawn Kimberly Edwards said.
 At the end of all the fundraisers, students gather together in celebration of the donations acquired. The teams stay up until dawn as a tribute to the many families who have had restless nights because of cancer.
 St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital specializes in children suffering from cancer and other severe diseases. The hospital operates through generous donations so families receive treatment at no cost to them.   No child with a severe illness is turned away from the hospital no matter the cost. St. Jude’s also has a large research department that needs funding to make steps towards finding a cure for cancer and other severe illnesses.
 Organizations such as Up ‘Til Dawn make it possible for the hospital to continue treating patients and doing important research.
 “It cost 1.5 million dollars a day to keep the hospital open and they could not do it without our help! Remember, it’s for the KIDS,” Edwards said.    “There is nothing worse than seeing a child suffer from such a terrible disease, and I think that what St. Jude does for those children is a wonderful and selfless thing,” junior Mass Media major Ibone Carter said.
 Up ‘Til Dawn at VSU has several goals, including promoting awareness around campus and the community about the efforts of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and to create an event that different colleges that have Up ‘Til Dawn organizations can model.
 Another important goal is to raise as much money as possible for the hospital. Up ‘Til Dawn’s goal is to raise 25,000 dollars for the hospital. So far they have accumulated 50 dollars, but their fundraisers for the year have not begun yet.
Student involvement is necessary to meet their goal and students seem to be excited about helping.
 “I think that this is a wonderful group and it inspires me to help spread the word about the great things that St. Jude is doing for children,” senior Mass Media major Caleb Johnson said.
 On November 2nd,Up ‘Til Dawn is planning a Letter Writing Event. This gives students the opportunity to send letters about the organization to friends and family. St. Jude sends the letters out free of charge to students. In addition to writing the letters, students get to enjoy free food, music, and entertainment.
 To join Up ‘Til Dawn or for more information, email knedwards@valdosta.edu, or visit their official Facebook page for the most updated information. Donations can be made on the Facebook website.

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