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SGA to vote on Health Center fee

 On Monday, Valdosta State Student Government Association, will vote on a proposed policy to impose a $15 fee for missed appointments at the Student Health Center. 
 “Whenever I call the health center, they’re always backed up and it’s hard to get an appointment soon enough, so when I hear of people missing appointments, and I had to wait two weeks to get one, it makes me frustrated,” Ebony Njei, sophomore psychology major, said while waiting in the health center.  “I think the health center should charge students for missing appointments.”
 Some may be up for this new fee, while others students stand firmly against it.
  “That’s so stupid, our tuition already pays for this anyways, it’s not like we’re missing free appointments,” Marcus Bridges, senior math major, said. “Maybe if the health center didn’t schedule early morning appointments, students wouldn’t miss them as often.”
 Other students have mixed feelings about the proposed policy.
  “I think yes and no,” Christian Duncan, nurse, said.  “I mean, everyone misses appointments sometimes, even I have. Maybe fees should be placed on repeat offenders, but not on students who miss just one appointment.”

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