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Cheap Dinner Breakdown

 Valdosta is full of restaurants that are well within a college student’s budget. No matter if you crave taste, style or price, Valdosta has a restaurant for you. 
There are many Mexican restaurants in town including Rodeo, on Ashley Street, and El Toreo with two locations.

 There is an El Toreo on Gornto Road and another on North Valdosta Road. 

 Both restaurant chains send coupons in the mail for a buy one lunch or dinner combo and another for a deal to buy two drinks and get a combo free of equal or lesser value.

 With these coupons, you can spend around $12 for two people.

 For good and cheap Japanese food, Masatos is your best bet.   Masatos, located on Baytree Road, has great lunch specials. One popular option is the VSU chicken bowl, which consists of Teriyaki chicken, fried rice, cooked vegetables, a salad and a drink for $6.96.

 King’s Grill, on the corner of Patterson Street and Central Avenue, serves good, home-cooked meals for $6. The small diner has been family-owned since the 1940s. For a good price, you get one protein and three vegetables.

 A tight budget sometimes makes it hard to eat out. But if you know where to go, you can get the most out of your meal without breaking the bank.

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