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Republicans dominate 2010

Democrats may have a lot to “deal” with now that the Republican Nathan Deal was been voted as Georgia’s next governor. Nathan Deal beat former Democrat Governor Roy Barnes receiving, 53.1 percent to Barnes’s 42.9 percent.  With Tuesday’s election, the Republicans have gained control of the House of Representatives while the Democrats still have control of the Senate.  Some students ...

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VSU SGA debates reclaiming clothing, adds new senators

 The Student Government Association debated on the Reclamation of Senate Clothing Bill, voted in two new senators, and discussed the motion to give a grant to the VSU Women’s Lacrosse Club during the weekly SGA meeting Monday night in the Student Union.   The Reclamation of Senate Clothing Bill, proposed mainly by Helen Burkett and Ryan Brown, raised much dissent ...

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Valdosta to hold electronics recycling event

 On Nov. 6, Valdosta residents and businesses will be able to discard their old electronics in an environmentally safe manner at the Free Electronics Recycling Event between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. at Mathis City Auditorium.   “Our goal is to encourage Valdosta citizens to discard used or unwanted electronic equipment in a convenient and environmentally responsible manner,” John Whitehead, ...

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Tuiton outpaces inflation nation wide

State budget cuts and declines in philanthropy and endowments helped push the cost of college tuition up much higher than general inflation across the country this year, amounting to an increase of 7.9

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People Poll: What did you think of the World Series?

Shawn Foley  senior political science major “I think it was good for baseball to have two teams play who do not usually advance far in the playoffs. I got tired of seeing Philadelphia and New York always winning.” William Knight sophomore middle grades education major “I think the World Series was really boring because my Yankees were not in it.” ...

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Voters make difference

 The elections are over. Ballots have been casted and counted and no matter what political party you voted for, someone will end up unsatisfied about the outcome of the elections.   Out there, right now, there are conspiracies being thought of to make sense of why his or her expectations weren’t met for this election. Some of these theories maybe ...

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Texting law not realistic

 `This past summer, a Georgia law was passed that prohibits texting while operating a motor vehicle. The new law prohibits typing, sending, and reading any form of text-based communication. If drivers are caught performing any of these acts, they will be assessed a $150 fine and one point on their driving record. Sound harsh? Maybe it is, but in 2008, ...

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Expand your mind

 All my life I have heard the phrase, “College will be the best time of your life.” I came here right after high school with the intentions of graduating in four years and diving into the working world. Now, I am not so sure. College is ultimately a time to learn. People that attend here just to get a good ...

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Stealing music not worth it

  Since the recent Limewire situation, where the program was unexpectedly shut down, many students are not only shocked but disappointed. Downloading free music in homes is not the only issue; students downloading music on campus could possibly cause ethical and future cost issues for the school.    The hardest part of having this program shut down is, believe it or ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!