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Former Blazers continue success in the pros

 Some former Blazers end up as all-Americans, while some are fortunate enough to play professionally.  VSU has produced athletes that have been drafted to the NFL, some who play overseas or play arena football.

 Some of the many Blazers who play professional ball include Richard Foreman, Mike Bowmen, Artie Ulmer, Mark Cantano, York Kurinsky, Richard Collier, Ced Dickerson, Brad Trout, Robert Williams, Mike Berry, Dominique Ross, Erasmus Harvey and Andre Hampton.

 The four football players who were named as VSU Hall of Famers have been the faces of the program. Defensive end and Hall of Famer Antonio Edwards played for the Seattle Seahawks after his great tenure as a Blazer.

 Randy Fisher, once wide receiver for the Blazers, is a Hall of Famer as well. Out of the four, Fisher was a bright light for the team and helped it get recognized as a competitive one.

Fisher still holds on to some of his records and is one of the most skilled receivers to ever wear black and red.

 VSU has had its share of quarterbacks; however, one of the most remembered is Lance Funderburk – the only quarterback to be inducted into the VSU Hall of Fame. The once 6’5, 225 pound prototype played arena football, where he had a successful career.

 Jessie Tuggle, also a Hall of Famer, is arguably the best player to come out of VSU. His nickname, “The Hammer,” was given as a linebacker of the black swarm because of his brutal tackles. In 2007, he was inducted into the college football Hall of Fame.

 Tuggle was a nightmare for any offense and he carried that same intensity to the NFL. Drafted by the Atlanta Falcons, he was an amazing player in the pros.   Tuggle was a huge reason the Falcons got a chance to play in Super Bowl XXXIII in 1998 and appeared in five pro bowls.

 As Blazer supporters increase each season, many alumni can take the credit for helping boost the success.

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