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VSU SGA debates reclaiming clothing, adds new senators

 The Student Government Association debated on the Reclamation of Senate Clothing Bill, voted in two new senators, and discussed the motion to give a grant to the VSU Women’s Lacrosse Club during the weekly SGA meeting Monday night in the Student Union.
The Reclamation of Senate Clothing Bill, proposed mainly by Helen Burkett and Ryan Brown, raised much dissent among SGA members.

   “The intention of the bill was good, but it could have been thought out a little better. I didn’t agree with it,” Storm Richardson, junior accounting major said.

 The goal of the bill is to recover all loaned SGA articles of clothing from students that are no longer members of the Senate.

 In an effort to promote the overall image of SGA, all articles bearing the name, seal, or any reference to SGA are to be returned to the vice president of the senate upon withdrawal with condition that the senator is graduating from VSU.

 The bill, if approved, will go into effect immediately

“This is an issue that has happened before; what the Senate Rules committee wanted to prevent was money waste and protect reputation,” Senator Deandre Jones, junior sociology major said. “However, they are currently working hard on this clothing issue”.

The bill was intended to benefit those students who had not received shirts making it inconvenient for them to attend mandatory events in which shirts were required to be worn. The suggestion was to recycle the shirts recovered, to be worn again by those who had never received one. This, apparently, was an effective initiative to save money.

Any former senator who refuses to comply will have a non-monetary hold places on their student account. This hold will remain until all articles are returned. If the article is not returned, then the student is obligated to pay half of the original price of the article to lift the hold.

The bill was momentarily tabled, and then brought up again for discussion due to the large amount of discontent with the bill’s intent. “I disagree because it took away shirts from former SGA members that served their time,” said Leah Parker, sophomore communication disorders major. “They should have been able to keep their shirts.

It was finally decided not to approve the bill.

In new business, SGA also reviewed the grant of monetary aid to the Women’s Lacrosse Team. Ellie Paschal proposed the loan of SGA for a new net for the team for future games. The decision was tabled until the next meeting in order to confirm SGA’s valid authorization to give money to individual organizations. If the organization is currently receiving money from the school, then SGA is not permitted to do so.

In other news, Deborah Fung- a- Wing and Derrick Butler were nominated and welcomed as new senators.

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