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Follow your dreams

 If you are a college student stuck in a major you hate but know will get you a high-paying job after graduation, get out now. 

 It is smart to declare your major based on future salary amounts, but it is smarter to declare the major you actually have interest in.

 Graduates with majors such as engineering make almost $40,000 more than graduates in other fields, according to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

 This is great for those interested in studying fields like engineering, but that is only a select few.

 When it comes to declaring a major, choosing a subject you are interested in is more important than choosing something that will pay a lot after graduation.

 I was shocked the day my friend Sandy told me she wanted to change her major from history to biology. It was her ambition to teach history, but biology teachers are higher in demand than history teachers.

 It is realistic to want to be financially supported, but you have to decide whether or not the job is worth it.

 You can have a fulfilling life at a low-rate job, but you can also have a low-fulfilling life at a high-rate job. You have to be the one to decide whether making yourself happy is more important than having a successful career.

 You should want to be happy in your line of work. You should want to succeed at what you do. You should need to feel pride and enjoyment from your occupation. Finances are important, but so is personal happiness.

 I was originally a theatre major. I switched because I did not think I would be able to make it as a professional actress. I did not have the drive to stick with it and try.

 If you choose a major strictly based on whether or not you will gain money from it, you will end up unhappy for it. You will end up every day going to a job you hate and will not have a positive work environment for it.

 Sticking with what you love can be hard. If I stayed with theatre, it could have been years before I got a steady career. If you love something though, don’t abandon out of fear of failure. Don’t give up without trying.

 Ideally, you will find something you love to do that will pay millions. Some are fortunate to have this, while others aren’t.   Some people have low wage jobs but take pride in what they do. Then there are people of high positions who would rather do anything else in the world than wake up and pretend to love their jobs.

 It is your future. Decide what you want to do with it.

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