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Give thanks to break

 If the sight of textbooks and the rustling of paper are driving you mad, hold on; Thanksgiving break is charging to rescue you and vanquish all your anxieties.

At least in a fairy tale world it would. The reality is we are still in the semester. As finals loom around the corner, it is impossible to go through a day without thoughts of papers and tests clouding your mind.

 Here’s a thought. Stop thinking about it.

We won’t have class for three days.

 For three days you won’t have to sit through mind-numbing lectures. For three days, you won’t have to read never-ending passages out of textbooks or do pointless online assessments.

 For three days, you won’t have to do anything at all. The point of a break is to relax; so relax. Use the time to recharge and refocus for the last few weeks of school. Use the time to go and hang out with friends. Use the time to do something for yourself. 

 The reason for this break is to honor the holiday that celebrates sentimentality and unity, the holiday that centers on time with friends and family.

 Enjoy it. Enjoy the home-cooked dinner your mom slaved all day over. Enjoy the fascinating, touching anecdotes your grandpa tells you. Enjoy seeing your little brother be captivated by the floats of the Macy’s parade. These are the memories you will remember.
While many students will be traveling away from Valdosta next week, there are those who have nowhere to go or are unable to go anywhere for the holiday. Just because you are stuck working or without a ride does not mean you are not entitled to join the time off as well.  Call up an old friend. Go on a road trip. Spend time watching a movie at home. Make the most of this period while you have it.

 For some, it is easy to blow off all their responsibilities and have a grand time. Those of us who aren’t able to stop can have a leisurely break too; we just have to manage our time accordingly.

 Family and friends gathering over a well-cooked meal, or a makeshift dinner of odds and ends depending on the circumstances, is the scene of Thanksgiving. The food is simply a minor part of the bigger picture.

 Don’t think about school over the holiday.  Spend the day away from the library and go have fun with the people in your life.

In ten years from now, you will cherish those moments the most.

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