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Love has no price

 Every holiday season, people are so driven to find that “perfect gift” that they forget one simple principle: “Enjoy the little things,” as Columbus from the movie “Zombieland” puts it.
People should be a part of your life because of who you are, not because of what you can offer them. Honestly, if someone throws a fit because you couldn’t buy them some overpriced device, they really are not your friend to begin with.

 College students are part of the digital generation so the perfect gifts often means the latest technology.

 You might think if you buy your best friend or significant other the new iPod nano that you are showing them just how much you care. In reality, you are just showing how much money you have to spend on a gift.

 Buy something based on the person, not the trend. If the person loves music, then by all means get them the latest music technology. If the person loves Gucci, work and buy them the latest in the high-end fashion line.

 College students are usually not rich. If you have the money to spend on elaborate gifts, that’s wonderful. If you don’t, don’t stress.

 This holiday season, focus on the person. Focus on the people who really impact your life, who really care about you. Those are the people who matter. Those are the people who will love anything you can give them.

 In the broader scheme of things, no one really cares about your possessions. It is what you have to offer to others that is important. So stop worrying about following the latest trend and start worrying about giving back to the people in your life.

 People get so wrapped up in trends and fads they lose the real message of Christmas; people are so absorbed in materialism that they lose sight of the relationships they have with friends and family.

 In the movie “Mean Girls,” Cady Heron, played by Lindsay Lohan, became so engrossed in the popular world of labels and plastic that she forgot the two people, Janis and Damien, who had actually befriended her for her real personality.

 Cady lost sight of what was really important. She got swept into the world of material superiority that she lost sight of her level-headed, good-hearted self.

 Ultimately, no one is going to care if you buy him or her the most expensive product. So this holiday season, relax and just focus on giving what you can to those who matter the most.

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