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SpringbreakHQ ad causes controversy

 I’m disappointed and highly offended that the spectator would “sell-out” to such gimmicks as your springbreakHQ.com ad in the newspaper.

 For one, the ad promotes the drinking and sexual immorality that has lead to the desensitization of our nation. It is personally offensive to me as a woman, to see that our UNIVERSITY newspaper is promoting the sexual idolization of the provocative women in the ad.

 Not to mention, with a promotion that states, “SIZE MATTERS” it makes me want to ask you people…. who are you? A campus affiliated program should be trying to encourage students to grow as individuals, not to give way to the empty and meaningless ways of our society that lead to moral corruption.

 I’m just so disappointed that our school has a paper that would not stand up for something more meaningful to attract people to read the paper and to get funding. As for me, I will probably never read your paper again. I know that makes little to no difference to you probably, but I just wanted you to know that there are people who thought your paper had some substance.

 You should be trying to influence people for good, so that we can avoid the types of things that happen at such Spring Break events….. Maybe not from the same reasons I’m coming from, but purely because you are a REPRESENTATION of us and you do have influence. I realize you may have had ads like this before, but I have never seen or noticed one as blatantly disgusting as this one. 

 You shouldn’t be here to influence students to go get hammered on their spring break and I hope whoever allows things like that to be published in our paper, even as just an advertisement, will open their eyes and stop trying to feed garbage into the minds of a nation of students who are already lost. No amount of money is worth people losing respect for your paper.

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