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Bill has pros and cons

 When you are in college, having a child should be the last thing on your mind. This should be a time for learning and having fun, not having a family. 
 However, unprotected sex and unwanted pregnancies do occur, and panicked women turn to abortion.

 I do wonder if abortion was no longer an option, how many people would still have unprotected sex.

 If the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act,” introduced by New Jersey Representative Chris Smith passes, abortion will no longer be insured.

 This would cause fewer people to be able to use abortion as a way to escape unplanned pregnancies, and safe sex would be practiced more frequently.

 A teenager in high school with only a part-time job is unfit to raise a child. An adult in her early twenties might be in a better state, but if she is in college or trying to still find a stable career, she should focus on her own life first.

 Eighteen percent of U.S. women who obtain abortions are teenagers, while 33 percent are women aged 20–24, according to “The Alan Guttmacher Institute.”

 If this bill passes, these numbers will go down. Young adults will become more responsible about practicing safe sex.

 On the flip side of this, there are those who are prepared to have children but then face life-threatening conditions in their pregnancies. If the mother is at risk, she should be given abortion as a choice. If this bill passes, she will be denied the insurance necessary to cover the procedure. She already faces a tragic decision; it does not need to be heightened by unaffordable hospital bills.

 Pregnancy due to rape is another instance where abortion can be seen as justifiable, especially when it comes to adolescents or children. There is always adoption as an alternative for adults and teenagers, but children are physically unprepared to give birth.

 I think abortion coverage should be restricted to those cases where the mother might not survive the birth. She did not choose to get ill from her pregnancy and her options should not be restricted.

 Abortion coverage should cover rape, because again, the women did not have a choice in the matter. Adoption is a strongly suggested alternative but the woman should have the final call. 

 If this act passes, abortion will not be illegal. It will just have to be paid out of the individual’s wallet. Those who merely practiced unsafe sex are causing their own problems but those who could lose their lives or were violated should not have to suffer too.

 Moral issues aside, the rate of unwanted pregnancy might see a decrease if this act goes through. Not having this option will make a person think twice before having unprotected sex.

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  1. Interested Instructor

    The main point in this article was concerning the amount of people who dont use protection, but would start using protection. I find this hilarious. They essentially claim that if people know that they can not get an abortion, then they won’t have sex. REALLY?!??!?!?!?!! Wow… That’s insane. People will continue to have sex. Women who believe they wont get pregnant will have (at least random) un-protected sex. The argument here is truly one for the books. Most young people do not believe that they will become pregnant. What will happen to the babies from unwanted pregnancies that did not “comply” with your “reasons for an abortion”??? Let me guess…they will be adopted out almost immediately!! Lol. Ya. Right. People dont have the money right now to go out any adopt these children!! They barely have enough to take care of their own!

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