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SGA addresses code of conduct

 The Student Government Association debated a newly proposed Code of Conduct for the organization, passed a motion to co-sponsor an upcoming student event, and briefly discussed the Spring Break and Health Fair during its meeting Monday night in the Student Union.

 The Code of Conduct proposed by Helen Burkett, Johnathan Lozano and two other senators was suggested to improve on the rules already in place in the SGA by-laws, which includes provisions for the dress code as well as duties and responsibilities of the senate.

 “It’s trying to create a more proactive and motivated senate,” Burkett, a senior mass media major, said. “It’s an opportunity to maintain a more professional air and create a certain mentality that helps get things done.”

 The proposal reinforces dress-code laws, dictates the conduct of senators inside and outside of meetings, and even sets a provision for a form of discipline if the code if violated. It also has a series of warnings when the conduct rules are not violated.

 The form of discipline is not yet definite.

 Some of these new rules relate to the behavior of senators while in SGA meetings. These rules include banning senators from bringing laptops or using cell phones while meetings are in session.

 “I think it’s good to have something on paper that the senators can look at so that they see a model of how they’re expected to act in and out of the meetings,” said Demario Jones, SGA president, and senior political science major.

 Some attendees were in favor of the proposal.

 “I personally like the rules because it gives SGA some kind of accountability for the organization and makes it better respected,” said Leah Parker, a sophomore communications science disorders major.

 Burkett said she conducted a survey about the behavior of senators, the environment at SGA meetings and anything else that could be improved. From the results of the survey, as well as the existing by-laws, the new code was created.

 “Well I think that it’s a very good bill, and I think it speaks volumes about the frustration of some of the senators regarding the apathy and lack of enthusiasm that we have had from a lot of our senators this semester,” Adrian Gibson, SGA vice president, said. “I support the bill.”

 In other news, SGA passed a motion to support the Delta Sigma Theta carnival on March 23 by contributing $900, more than the usual amount.

 SGA also reminded members of the Spring Break Health Fair in the Student Union ballroom today from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  as well as a famous person impersonation event at 7 p.m. hosted by Zeta and Black Student League organizations.

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