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PopAddict: Stars creepin’ and beatin’ on lovers

So who’s going to the ‘Bany for the VSU vs. ASU game Saturday at 7 p.m.?

Hopefully, I’ll be able to represent the Blazer nation in Albany and upset some ASU Rams (#evil).

Anyway, scandals have never been any better this week! Things are just blowing up around the rich and the (in)famous. Why don’t I jump into it?

Ahem (I clear my throat)! Now who says karma ain’t a bih? I don’t want to be the one that calls the kettle black and the scrubber rusty but Alicia Keys had it coming for her. Didn’t she have a song on her sophomore album talking about that?

Supposedly, the cheating Swizz Beats is beating down somebody else’s cheeks while married with wife-at-the-time Mashonda and creeping with Alicia.

Word is the 23 year-old-jump off, Christina Elizabeth’s, phone got snatched, and the perpetrator “sent” the messages out to the media busting her and Swizz’s relationship.

Now, of course, Alicia is going to stick by her man but the jump had nothing to hide. Christina came right out to Bossip.com and denied none of it. Chris told the gossip site that she has been chilling with Swizz since ‘07and even provided pictures and video footage.

Talk about keeping it real. Mr. Hov aka Jay Z has been keeping secrets also.

Now maybe you didn’t know but that baby bump Bey’s been showing off isn’t the only bun that Jay has had in the oven, and boy does she have something to prove.

Allegedly, video girl Shenelle Scott, who nobody has heard of, isn’t out for Jay’s pocket like everybody think she is. The girl actually framed another dude as the father and homeboy’s daddy wasn’t having it!

He called Star and gave up the tea. He told everything from the DNA test to Scott getting kicked out by his son.

Such a shame he did her like that, but hey she got the better deal because she hit bank with Jay. Tell me why Jay gave her $1 mil just to keep her mouth shut. Who’s homeless now?

It’s said that there’s an interview with her and Wendy Williams in the works though so we’ll see what’s lined up for the Queen of Gossip for her new season.

Too much aggression for the baseball field because Manny Ramirez is taken it out at home on wifey!

Poor lady had to call 911 on hubby. It seems like after retirement, Ramirez just started going ham with drugs, partying, and now domestic violence. He just can’t handle the retired life (smh).

So anybody remember Fantasia’s homewrecking tale? Well, let me remind you.

She was caught with this average guy named Antwaun Cook who works at T-Mobile, and he ended up very married with kids and his very angry wife sued her for a cool $2 mil! Yep, that homewrecking tale.

What about it? Tasia is preggers and is due in the end of Dec. Ain’t that something? Her and Alicia are going to learn one day.

There were also rumors floating around about Wiz and his bald-headed beast Amber Rose tying the knot this past weekend. Rumors were put to rest when Rose tweeted the trip to Vegas was his birthday celebration. Now all you groupies can exhale (whew!).

Well, folks that’s all I have time for today but stay tuned next Thursday to find out why Drake is crying lately and who leaked Scarlet Johansen’s naked pics—juicy right!

You know the drill: Keep them grades up and get out of school.

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