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PopAddict: Vampires, drama, murder trials abound in weird news

This has been one crazy, long week. Hello, Thursday and cheers to Friday!

I’m too ready for the weekend. I need some me-time, seriously.

Besides that, can anybody tell me what the heck happened to that brick island in front of Hopper? One day, I’m walking around the thing then poof! It’s gone, just like that.

Anyway, who knows with VSU; they giveth and they taketh away *in an English accent*

If I know anybody’s taking the spotlight right now and freezing the world it’s North Carolina MC, J.Cole with his album “Cole World: the Sideline Story” that dropped Tuesday.

If you haven’t copped that yet, please do, because it’s history in the making and a return to true hip-hop.

Since we’re speaking the truth about hip-hop, B.o.B is making the weather very cloudy with his new single featuring Weezy F. Baby himself, “Strange Clouds,” which will be the title of his sophomore album.

With the cloudy forecast Bobby Ray has in store, I wonder if Demi Moore is receiving any rain because her stormy marriage just gave way for a hurricane—if you get my drift.

In other words, can we all say D.I.V.O.R.C.E! Is it true? Can’t be! Ashton Kutcher has to be “punking” us.

I think not, honey! Supposedly, Demi has been putting up with Ashton’s ish for way too long and the two have been separated for quite some time—let Radar Online tell it!

According to the juicy gossip site, Kutcher didn’t even have the respect to bring his tail home for their anniversary on Sept. 24. He was seen flirting with some young thing in a San Diego nightclub, and they say this is not the first account of him cheating. It seems like Kutcher is a little serial cheater.

I bet Demi is waiting for the press to say, PUNK’D! Oh, she’ll pull through and find some middle aged guy to wipe those tears soon.

And while Demi’s new guy finds her some tissue, can he please grab enough for Teen Mom, Amber Portwood?

The man-beating, baby-abandoning Teen Mom still can’t get over her sister’s death which happened when she was 6, but you would swear it happened yesterday.

Portwood got so emotional during the reunion when her mom was telling the story of her sister’s death that she walked off the stage, crying so hard you could still her from backstage. Pointless, right?

While we can clearly see that the emotional Teen Mom needs more head work done, can we please get LeToya Jackson some lessons in court etiquette.

She is doing too much trying to tweet the trial against Dr. Murray like she’s a reporter for CNN.

I need her to sit her 50 lbs down and concentrate on breathing through that nose of hers that hasn’t gotten any better.

Now for news that doesn’t make sense but seems to happen every day: An 18-year-old girl from Florida is charged with accessory to murder of her 16-year-old boyfriend—but get this; she claims to believe that she is part vampire, part werewolf. She’s in a vampire cult and everything! In Fla., they’re either taking True Blood or Twilight to another level, or there’s truly something in that water (#icant).

Wow, it’s time for me to wrap this up already. Time flies by! So, next time stay tuned for the latest dirty and juicy gossip and celeb news. Oh, let’s not forget the music world and what they have to offer!

Remember to stay focused and keep those grades up so you can get out of here!

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