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Professors not fulfilling job roles

I am sure that every college student can relate when I say that there are some professors here at VSU who will have you wondering why they are teaching; not because they cannot teach, which some can’t, but because some of them almost take a strange sense of pride in students failing their courses and tests.

Now some of you may say this is college and not high school, but I want you to keep that thought because I am aware of that. Some professors have that mentality and think that they don’t have to teach because we are in college; however, if that is your mentality as a professor you might as well teach an online course since we are basically teaching ourselves.

I did not pull this opinion that I am forming out of nowhere. I had a professor who told us that he should start handing out shirts to the people who passed his class saying, ‘I passed that a**hole’s class.’ It was like he was taking pride in the fact that he knew we might struggle in his class. I had another professor who admitted that the majority of the class makes D’s on his tests throughout the year.

Personally, I believe if the majority of a professor’s class is failing his or her tests (because in my opinion a D is failing), the professor needs to take a look at themselves. It can be one or two things—either the professor didn’t cover the material at all or he or she didn’t do a good job covering the material. Regardless, the professor needs to reevaluate him or herself. I would never be ok with the majority of my class failing my test. I would feel like I’m not doing my job, which I feel like most professors are not.

A lot of professors can be hostile or have an attitude when you approach them about your grade. Why? I don’t know. I have had professors get buck via email over mistakes that they have made. Some professors act like they do not want to grade your work until the end of the semester, and by then, it’s too late to complain. Some professors want to waste your time in class by covering material that will not be on the test; I don’t understand that—a professor will waste 50 minutes of my time by talking about stuff that he or she does not even put on the test.

I am not trying to disrespect any professors, I am simply giving my opinion based on experiences that I have gone through. I know a lot of students have had a couple of professors who were close to getting “showed out” on.

Professors have a lot to say about students and you better believe we have a lot to say about the professors too.

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