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Homecoming falls short

Homecoming is a tradition that takes place throughout the U.S. from high school to universities every year. Homecoming is supposed to be a time when school spirit is at an all-time high, from the students who love the school, to the students who can’t wait to transfer; however, I have noticed that school spirit is a very small part of VSU’s Homecoming and I believe it is the university’s fault.

When comparing the VSU Homecoming to other universities’ homecomings, I noticed that our university lacks big stars coming down for the homecoming week. Trey Songz, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, and Kevin Hart—to name a few—are some of the stars that universities are bringing down to increase the school spirit of their university. Most universities hold comedy shows and concerts from well-known stars instead of bringing down unknown local talent.

Universities such as UGA, FAMU and Albany State are outdoing us in effort to increase school spirit for homecoming week. Cities such as Albany and Athens are no bigger than Valdosta, so the size of the city cannot be used as an excuse. During homecoming week, students should be tweeting and posting on Facebook how great their school is and how no other university can compare.

Some students feel as though outside events make up the majority of school spirit.

“The hype for homecoming pretty much comes from outside of the university, you know, the club events and other things,” Marcus Smith, a junior history major, said.

Football is a big part of homecoming, but it normally ends the week of homecoming. That being said, students should be hyped about the events that the school has in place weeks before homecoming is here. Homecoming should be one of the most talked about weeks in college.

“The only thing that I look forward to for homecoming is the Wild Adventures Night,” Justin Parker, a sophomore mass media major, said.

I suggest that VSU save money and bring some big-name comedians, singers and rappers for us next year. Build up on the hype of homecoming and allow us to enjoy a week that is much-needed to party and rest.

There is no reason why VSU Homecoming shouldn’t be bigger than what it is. We have a good football team, we are located in ideal spot, and we have plenty of money in this university (I can’t be convinced that we don’t).

“Our homecoming is not bad, but it’s not what it could be,” Chris Parks, a junior education major, said. “There could be a lot more excitement in my opinion.”

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