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VSU’s Senior Fall exhibition had its opening...

Art exhibition displays seniors’ best works

VSU’s Senior Fall exhibition had its opening reception Monday, revealing a plethora of imaginative pieces.

The exhibit, installed by Elsie Miles, senior fine arts major, displays media ranging from digital photography, oils, acrylics, charcoal, sculpture, jewelry, animation and even dishware.

Miles said she enjoyed the installation process, which many of her classmates gave her a helping hand with, because it gave her a chance to see all of the different styles from her senior exhibition class.

“The day of the opening was absolutely amazing,” Miles said. “I was so proud of the installation, and I was excited to see the amount of visitors we had.”

Feartatious Hogan, a senior fine arts major whose pieces entitled Jacob, Jennifer, Einsame Kuche, Self-Negative and three untitled works are being showcased in the Senior Fall Art Exhibit, said that being a foreign exchange student in Germany had a profound influence on her work .

“The three digital prints in the show were of my apartment and when I took the pictures I wanted them to expand on my feelings of loneliness and realizing who Feartatious is in this world,” Hogan said.

Although it was unintentional, Hogan has come to realize that all of her works are about identity.

Cierra Bledsoe, also a senior fine arts major whose works entitled Inspiration, Obviously Octopus, Misunderstood Earrings, Mucha Cameo and a pearl jewelry set are on display in the exhibit, said her art is representative to her life and time spent at VSU.

“All of my art reflects the things I’ve learned and the techniques in which I’ve grown and mastered as an art student,” Bledsoe said. “The show is the perfect way for me to present my work to my fellow students and teachers as well as the Valdosta community and for that I’m very thankful.”

Rachel Fretti, senior fine arts major said that the artwork she has on display, including an out of this world portrait of pop icon, Lady Gaga, represent things that she finds beautiful, and that she wants others to see the beauty in.

“I enjoy taking photographs of outside natural light and natural things,” said Fretti. “My paintings are abstracted images of the photographs that I take as well.”

Most of the pieces displayed, are for sale and a list of prices can be picked up in the exhibit, located in the Fine Arts Building.

The exhibit will be open until Dec. 5. All the works are the product of the hard work and progress of senior fine arts students at VSU.

“This exhibition shows all of our most mature works and we are all very excited for the public to see it,” Fretti said.

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