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Spring Break: Party smart

It’s the Friday before Spring Break and we’re all thinking about how to spend the week off. Some of us are going on weekend beach trips and will soon be sipping beers by the waves and working on a tan, while others will stay in town. Either way, we’ll all want to throw caution to the wind as soon as we leave our last class tomorrow afternoon.

But before you trade in books for binge drinking, don’t forget that the same things keeping you level-headed during school apply during that week. Alcohol poisoning, STDS; they’re still real threats.

We all know alcohol depresses nerves that control involuntary actions. You talk slow, you walk funny, but you dance great—right? Involuntary actions include breathing and the gag reflex, which prevents choking. Too much alcohol will eventually stop these functions.

According to survey results posted on onlineschools.org 50 percent of men and 60 percent of women said that every night, they drank until they passed out. It won’t be so hilarious when you have to turn your friend on his side so he doesn’t choke on his own vomit.

Another thing; the threat of coming in contact with an STD doesn’t simply disappear during Spring Break. The same survey revealed that half of sexual encounters during Spring break are “random,” “unplanned” and “unprotected.”

Let’s face it. Alcohol gets you going—ladies, you too. If your plans include hooking up during Spring Break, be safe.

Another scary fact of Spring break is that 60 percent of students have a run in with a cop at some point. Whether you’re staying in town or traveling, don’t drink and drive. Call a taxi or walk. Imagine being caught drinking underage in a city you’ve never been—or worse, abroad. Even cruise ships don’t take kindly to intoxication.

Even scarier is the thought that while some students may return to campus with a stain on their record, some students don’t come back from their week of debauchery. How many stories do we hear about the drunken college guy underestimating the length from one eighth floor balcony to the next? Or, what about the pretty girl dancing in the hottest new club in Panama City that got separated from her friends and was never seen again? We don’t want to hear about an unfortunate event involving a VSU student.

Don’t get me wrong, the last thing I’m suggesting is to hide in your dorm room all week and not participate in any of these activities. You can travel; you can drink; you can have fun. But be smart about it.

Remember, coming back with a hangover is okay, as long as you’re intact.

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