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SGA: Graduation gifts found unethical

 The SGA discussed the possibility of giving seniors gifts upon graduation among other miscellaneous business during Monday night’s meeting in the U.C Magnolia room.

 The SGA had planned to present this year’s graduating class with a gift in order to utilize their continuously rolling over funds.

 The graduates’ gift was to be a tassel for their graduation caps.

 According to Senator Hassanat Oshodi the idea of presenting gifts to seniors for the graduating class of 2012 was discontinued after it was determined that said gifts would be a “personal gift.”

 Students are not allowed to receive money or gifts directly coming from the school funds, and because the gifts would be purchased using the funds SGA received from the school yearly they were considered personal.

 SGA had no old or new business to discuss this week which made for an in and out meeting.

 After giving kudos for a successful cookout on March 7, the meeting was dominated by miscellaneous news.

 A HOPE Forum for SGA week was proposed to the floor, in which there would be a speaker whose name could not be released.

 The speaker is to present on the issue of the HOPE Scholarship running out by 2014.

 According to SGA Senator Ryan Baerwalde the VSU student government is “more efficient than national senate.”

 Senator Baerwalde attended the Model Senate at Stedson University in Deland, Fla., during spring break where he observed what it would be like to serve on a national senate floor.

 “We’re more efficient when it comes to getting bills passed and things like that,” Baerwalde said.

 Senator Baerwalde represented Valdosta State well by receiving the Best Senator Award during the Model Senate.

 Members of the SGA will also hold tours for prospective students of VSU during visitation day this Saturday.

 Contact DeAndre Jones at dqjones@valdosta.edu for any questions about the speaker or event.

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