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Rotaract raises funds for polio research

The members of the VSU Rotaract Club are more determined than ever to offer their support to people who suffer from polio all over the world.

 On Sept. 20, they hosted their monthly fundraising activity, Pennies for Polio, in which they collected over $130.

 The money collected will be sent to Rotary International, which will distribute the funds among different organizations that fight polio.

 “Every 60 cents provides treatments for child for the rest of their lives and that’s why we built this fundraiser,” Secka said.

 The club, which is a community service organization, currently has 30 members, each determined to educate his or her community on the effects of polio.

 “One thing you should know about polio is that although it has been eradicated out of the United States, it’s still in different countries,” Ndye Secka, president of VSU Rotaract Club, said. “It affects about 2 percent of the world right now, and it also affects little kids, which is really sad.”

 Polio, a viral disease that affects the spinal cord, causes muscle weakness and paralysis. Ninety percent of infections occur in children under five.

 “Most people don’t know, but polio is actually really contagious,” Secka said. “Most kids contract it by being in contact with their family members. That is what we are trying to eliminate, the spread of it.”

 Secka encourages people to take a look at what is going on outside of their country and to think about what they can do to help others.

 The fundraiser proved to be inspirational to some.

 “I did not know about any of these facts, and next time I see a polio fundraiser I will definitely donate,” Hiroki Nagatomo, a freshman undecided major, said.

 Secka encourages students to learn more at rotary.org

 The VSU Rotaract club’s organization meeting will be at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the UC Dogwood room. The meeting schedule and fundraiser activities are addressed on its Facebook page as well at the Rotaract VSU chapter.

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