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‘Dredd 3D’ lacks storyline

It’s that time of year at the movies again.

The summer blockbusters have passed, and it’s not quite Oscar season yet.

What we as movie goers are left with is the average run of the mill movies that really have no reason to exist other than someone finding the money to make it.

So thankfully we have “Dredd.” It’s been 17 years since Judge Dredd graced the silver screen.

The original, named after its main character, accumulated a fan base over the years and was remembered for its odd story and interesting setting for a movie that came out in ’95.

Unfortunately “Dredd,” the spiritual sequel, has nothing going for it.

It’s not a bad movie– it  just has mediocre action, and the  characters are so one-dimensional that they come off dull.

Some of the dialogue is actually good.  The best part of the movie is when Dredd and his psychic rookie partner, Anderson, are talking with a drug dealer who is attempting to get inside Dredd’s mind to figure out why they have been locked inside a giant apartment building with everyone trying to kill them. 

The story, however, is nonexistent. This movie relies on slow motion and over-the-top violence to keep your attention.

It works to some degree, but it’s uninspiring and dull for a portion of the movie.

I would have preferred the movie focused on the question of whether Dredd and the other judges should have the right to be judge, jury and executioner.

There is a moment near the beginning of the movie where they start to bring this question up, and then never say anything about it again.

It would have, at the very least, taken this movie from run of the mill to above average.

I will admit I enjoyed “Dredd” to some extent. It was hard to look past some of the technical flaws, but it was only an hour and a half and the second half of the movie picks up a good bit .

I can’t say I would recommend this at full ticket price, but, if you like action and have a group of people to see it with, you might want to check it out.


2 ½ out of 5

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