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Film fest comes to Union

Lights, cameras, action!

All eyes will be on the participants in this year’s Film and Video Festival at 4 p.m. on Dec 1 in the University Center Theater.

The festival will be hosted by the Film and Video Society of VSU.

Short films, music videos and animations will be shown to showcase the talents of VSU students in the Mass Media department and other majors.

“This event will definitely be worth watching,” Phallynn Stimage, vice president of the Film and Video Society, said. “Based on the last film festival, I was very impressed by the past productions.”

Last year was the first time Stimage attended the festival.

Marie Elliott, the new Faculty Sponsor for the Film and Video Society, feels the event will be a success for VSU and the community.

“You are going to see some things that you will not be able to see in the local Valdosta cinema,” Elliott said.

Submissions will be judged by various seasoned professionals in film and audio production.

Elliott hopes that the judges will pick apart the students work in order to help them grow as filmmakers.

Elliott also feels that constructive feedback from industry professionals is needed.

“I tell my kids to go out and make mistakes,” Elliott said about freshman and sophomores who plan to enter the festival for the first time. “It gives them a freedom to try things out and explore new territory, so while in school go big and take chances!”

Notable professionals will be from the Sundance Film Festival Winner, Fox, and CBS.

Basic requirements for submission are to submit a four to 30 minute film or animation.

The person who places in the “Best Film” category and two other subcategories will receive metals and a $50 gift card.

“Some of the stuff students will submit will be works from class, but others, like me, will be independent works,” Tiffany Taveras, president of the Film and Video Society,  said. “Everyone has worked really hard so that every film can be the best it can possibly be. “

Tavares will be in a 20 minute short film called “Red Door,” a romance narrative about how opposites attracts.

Taveras said that the entire semester was needed to create her 20 minute film.

“We started working on this project on the third week of school,” Taveras said. “We finalized the script in September and also found actors too. They were given a month to learn their lines thoroughly and then we started to shoot in mid-November.”

Taveras wants to make this annual event into a big event for the future.

“We want the community to come out and support us and make this event bigger,” Taveras said.


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  1. This event is actually being held in the University Center Theater. Just did not want students to be confused!

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