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Letter to the Editor: Different opinion of Bible

Dear Editor,


I am writing in response to David Lacy’s article entitled “Disrespecting Leaders Sacrilegious” (Novermber 15).  In his article he makes two points.  First he states that “calling someone uneducated based on who they voted for is ignorant.”   Doing a search of YouTube videos recently I came across numerous videos where voters were interviewed about who they voted for president and why.  Once such video entitled “Howard Stern Interviews Obama Supporters in Harlem” is about an interviewer who does a “man on the street” type interview with Obama supporters.  Those interviewed are asked to pick a reason as to why they are voting for Obama.  The catch, however, is the reasons given are conservative stances (e.g. pro-life, smaller government, creating jobs).  The Obama supporters, however, say they are voting for Obama because he is pro-life or for smaller government.  They seem to have no clue as to what Obama supports.  There are numerous other videos out there that document this shocking finding as well.  All one has to do is search for them.


Second, Mr. Lacy states that Christians should always submit to those in charge and if you do not then you probably do not believe in “the God of the Bible.”  Really?  Did God ask the Israelites to submit to the Egyptians during their time of captivity?  Did God ask the Israelites to submit to the evil kings of Israel that participated in Baal worship?  Did God tell Daniel, Meshach, Shadrach or Abednego to obey the king’s orders and worship the gods and statues that had been set up?  As Christians we are to submit to God first and foremost.  Therefore, if a leader comes along who sets up laws that undermine our faith then for good reason we are not going to support or honor them.  Again doing a little research goes a long way.



C. Thomas



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