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Microsoft takes over Skype, analog sticks much ‘better’

Written by Steven Setser


Hello tech enthusiasts. I’m here with the newest tech news you need to know about.

An analyst says that the iPad will be updated to look like the iPad Mini this spring.  Apple will also introduce a new Apple TV box with better software, but no iPad Mini with Retina Display.  Take this with a grain of salt people.

If you don’t already know, Microsoft is ending the Windows Messenger program.  They will instead, move all of its users to Skype –which is now owned by Microsoft.  The move will take place during the month of April.

Skype has also begun a video messaging beta service.  You can send a video to someone when they are not logged on.  The beta is only for Windows users for now.  The service should be available to everyone in April.

Stay tuned and keep checking for updates.

The PlayStation 4 controller for the development kit might have been revealed.  This may or may not be what the final product looks like.  The controller is longer than the PS3 controller and has all the same buttons.  The D-pad is smaller to accommodate a new touch screen/pad.  There is a light bar on top that looks similar to the PlayStation Move requirements.  Also, the analog sticks are now concave and look much better.  It could also have a “share” button.  The Sony press conference happened Wednesday in which the PS4 was expected to be revealed.

Is it me or are iPod charger cords never long enough?  Well, they just got shorter.  Apple has released the Lightning cable separate from the new iDevices and it is half the original length.  The cord still costs $19.

Remember the talk surrounding the LG Optimus G Pro? Well it’s coming. It will have a 5.5-inch screen with 2GB RAM and a 1.7GHz processor.  It sports a 13-megapixel camera.  More details will be revealed at the Mobile World Congress.

HTC is back!  The HTC One is rumored to release March 22 for AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.  It has an all aluminum body and looks much like the BlackBerry Z10.  The screen is 4.7-inches with 468 pixels per inch.  It also has an interesting feature of a 4 megapixel camera.  The sensor will capture 300 percent more light than competing camera phones.  The $199 version will get you 32GB storage– another $100 will get you 64GB.

That’s it this week people.  See you next week!  The question of the week is, “What video chat service do you use– Skype, Oovoo?” Email your answers to smsetser@valdosta.edu.

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