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T-Mobile finally has the iPhone 5, and Google Glass will not be reselling. Click for more info!

T-Mobile finally releases iPhone 5

Written by Steven Setser


In this week’s Spec Tech, Google revealed that it will not allow reselling of Google Glasses.  If someone sells it or loans it out it will be bricked–meaning it won’t work. The device was said to sport a 5-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and have 12GB of memory.

The HTC One is now available and it’s quickly becoming one of the hottest phones around. It has a 4.7-inch LCD screen, 4-megapixel camera, HTC Sense 5 UI and runs Android Jelly Bean.

On AT&T and Sprint it is $199 for the 32GB version and $299 for the 64GB version.  The T-Mobile version will cost $579 over a two year plan.  It will be one payment of $99 with a $20 bill each month, or you can pay it all upfront.

T-Mobile finally has the iPhone 5!  The only change it has is that it can make T-Mobile HD calls.  This means that if you call someone else on T-Mobile with HD Voice, your conversation will be crystal clear.  Other carriers are working on the same technology.

The iPhone 5 is now available for $99 with a $20 bill for two years, for a total of $579.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is almost here.  If you haven’t heard, it is a beast of a phone.  It will have a 5-inch screen, 13-megapixel camera, 1080p HD screen, 2GB RAM, 8-core chip (quad-core in US), 2,600mAh battery and will be 4G.  It has lots of cool camera features (good bye photo-bombs!) and is still light and thin.

Be on the lookout on April 30 for AT&T to release the Galaxy S4 starting at $199.  Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and Cricket will get the phone in May.

That’s it for this semester everyone. Don’t forget to check out the Spec Tech blog for my videos for my top five favorite video consoles of all time.  You can also look them up on YouTube under the channel SonicItachi.

The question for this week is “Do you think T-Mobile’s new pay plan is good?”  Send your responses to smsetser@valdosta.edu

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