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Let’s coexist with Greek life

Written by: Isaiah Smart 

In recent news, Greek Life gained hundreds of new members.

After CPC and IFC rush concluded earlier this fall, a few NPHC organizations gained their own new set of initiates. Both of these instances hold their own significance.

It has been four years since the Lambda Phi chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi has had any new members. Last Friday, Jeremiah Wiggins, “The Solo Nupe,” presented his 13 newest brothers to the campus.

The ballrooms were full of members of the fraternity from different schools, older chapter members and numerous students.

After the show ended and tears flowed, attendees were forced out as the union was closed. No one was given the chance to clean up the ballrooms, and the organization was given a hefty fine that included both trash violations and being in the union too late.

Wiggins was threatened with suspension, and the organization was threatened to not be able to book rooms until next fall. That’s going little too far, right?

I’m aware that there are policies to follow, but to threaten a graduating senior with the possibility of not graduating is a little bit of a stretch.

In other news, the Kappa Delta chapter of Phi Beta Sigma initiated nine gentlemen this weekend as well.

The standout for this organization was the three Caucasian members that joined.

Phi Beta Sigma and Zeta Phi Beta are the only NPHC organizations to recently have members of a different race here at VSU, but those members have graduated. That changed this weekend.

What’s great about this is the very thing that many of us have discussed all year: diversity. This is living proof that organizations do not discriminate against any interested students of different races. They are actually welcomed.

I’m glad to see to see those young men step up and take the pledge of lifelong brotherhood in such organizations.

This is my charge to the student body and the administration.

Students, hold yourselves accountable for the change you’re looking for. Greeks, be the leaders you’re supposed to be. Take on big issues on campus, stand for something and show the rest of VSU what it means to hold 10 percent of the school’s population.

To the administration, let the kids play. Although there are rules and policies to follow, pinpointing every little incident and making a mountain out of a molehill is discouraging and hurts student and Greek life. This, in turn, requires you to be more informative with a visible and comfortable line of communication.

We expect rules to be enforced, but students won’t stand for the unnecessary extremes.

At the same rate, students, be cognizant of what is against you and how you can prevent being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Be precise with planning and execution in all things although some things can, and occasionally will, come up at the last minute.

As I’ve ended all of my articles like this, I welcome all conversation in attempts for positive change, and I hope that I’ve made someone uncomfortable enough to work toward such.

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