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Don’t skimp on our security

VSU students and faculty rest assured, the best security minimum wage can buy will be tasked with keeping you safe. 

With the recent rash of criminal activity that VSU has seen over the past few semesters, campus safety has been at the center of discussion. The administration has been receiving a lot of flak for the lack of sufficient security measures needed to protect students and faculty while on campus.

In response to the pressure, President William McKinney has made the decision to beef up security on campus. This would seem like the most logical step, seeing as how the student body is starting to feel less protected when on campus. 

We at the Spectator have no objection to increased security patrol, but even more important than the quantity of security officials is the quality of the individuals the university decides to hire. 

A portion of every student’s tuition is allocated to security, and we believe students should receive the best service available. However, it’s hard to believe that we will get the best service possible when the pool of candidates comes from Craigslist−the very same Craigslist that hosts ads for hired assassins, mail-order brides and an illegal drug selection that would make Joaquin “El Chupo” Guzman proud.  

Seeing as how Craigslist isn’t the most reputable of help-wanted sites, one can’t help but to wonder what criteria these new security guards have to meet. The ad that was placed on Craigslist only calls for a clean criminal background, physical fitness and a strong work ethic.

Two unarmed, “top flight” security guards will start patrolling the campus March 24. The administration has hired these new hands at a rate of $8 an hour plus benefits, and they will patrol during the evening and early morning.  

Their main task is to alert Valdosta State police to any suspicious activity. With no issued firearm or even the ability to make arrests, the security guards are no more than overglorified, underqualified whistleblowers.    

The university has hired them in hopes that their very presence will be a deterrent to any would-be criminals. This sounds like a good idea, but VSU already has a student patrol that has the same power and operates within similar parameters.   

We at the Spectator don’t oppose an increase in security, but this measure just doesn’t cut the mustard. 



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