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8 Ways To A More Healthy Lifestyle

Written By: Hailey Nelson

1. Cut out the sugary beverages

Zero. Zip. That is how many nutrients and vitamins are in your soda. By switching up those daily cokes for water, you will begin to notice you’ll have a lot more energy and clearing in the skin. Try adding in some fruit that has natural sugars that are good for your body.


  1. Portion control

Learning to control your portions and cutting back on the impulse snacking has more health benefits than you would think. Not only does it help to lose weight, but it allows your body to consume the right amount of food to maintain your weight. Because of this, your body does not have to work as hard to digest large amounts of food and you can avoid that uncomfortable feeling following a meal.


  1. Incorporate fiber

For calorie counters, incorporating foods high in fiber is awesome because they are low in calories and give you the sensation of being full. Try shopping for whole grain cereals, fruits and vegetables to get a healthy dose of fiber in your diet.


  1. Be active!

Staying active can help manage stress, weight and improve sleep. Rather than staying inside try investing some time outside moving your body. Go for a walk, run around campus or even switch out your car and ride your bike to school. Even the Student Recreation Center has numerous amounts of group fitness classes such as yoga, Zumba and hip-hop to keep you motivated.


  1. Supplementary vitamins

If you find yourself not getting enough nutrients in your body, a daily multivitamin can help replace some of those nutrients. But keep in mind that a multivitamin can never take the place maintaining a healthy body weight.


  1. Substitution

Be careful not to replace boredom with binge eating. To avoid the temptations of continuous snacking; think back to being active. Even grabbing a friend to go hang out or walking your dog is more beneficial for the health of your body and mind.


7. Superfoods

The name says it all! Superfoods are high in nutrients that contain vitamins and minerals your body needs. Try stocking up on all fruits and veggies, along with salmon and nuts to give you that extra boost of energy.


  1. Cut back on the salt

Chips, cookies and crackers all contain high amounts of sodium that your body does not need. Look for labels in the grocery store such as “low-sodium”, “no salt added” and “unsalted”. This alone with help with weight loss and your overall health.



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