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Giving Is Caring

A student’s family is being assisted by the philosophy and religious studies department this month for its loss. The department is hosting a toy and clothing drive for a previous major’s five children. Over the summer, the kids’ mother, Sharonda James was killed. “We don’t want to give out the details (of her death) just for the sake of privacy ...

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Mental Health Awareness Week

The VSU counseling center is hosting three events beginning on Monday in honor of Mental Health Awareness week which began Nov. 11. Mental Health Awareness week brings attention to issues such as trauma, depression, suicide, substance abuse and anxiety, which is this year’s leading mental health issue, according to The Mental Health Foundation. Statistics show that one in every four ...

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Connected through a rainbow spectrum

Often times, finding a safe place for members of the LGBT community to openly discuss issues with his or her sexuality or personal issues, is difficult. The Marriage and Family Therapy program is subduing that burden. Spectrum Connection is session for LGBT members to openly discuss any issues he or she may face because of identifying as LGBT. “[We] strive ...

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Fraternity Hosts Public Presentation of Kendrick Johnson Case

Tuesday Oct. 28, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity International held a public presentation by the lieutenant over the investigative division of the Lowndes County Sheriff’s office, supervisor Stride Jones. The presentation covered the case and evidence gathered within the case that started Jan. 11 2013 when the body of high school student Kendrick Johnson was found in a rolled up ...

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SGA Recaps Homecoming Week and No More

SGA sported their new polo shirts Monday night where they reviewed the events of homecoming week and discussed opinions they heard from students for each event. The information will be used to better help SGA make the next homecoming better. Some reviews talked about were the lack of food at the carnival Monday and bad lighting. There were also complaints ...

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SGA Takes Rec Hours Survey

The Student Government Association received five new senators at its last meeting of the semester. After the oath of office swear in SGA introduced their guest speaker vice president of University of Advancement John Crawford and took a survey about the recreation center hours of operation. SGA took the survey not in representation of Valdosta State University students, but as ...

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SGA to Co-sponsor Scream Fest

SGA covered various topics during their weekly Monday night meeting. Homecoming week and events were reviewed. SGA will not be holding a meeting Monday Oct. 20 due to the week of homecoming. President Tyler Barker went over SGAs involvement and participation for each event. According to Barker, provost Rogers suggested a competition for the tailgate before the homecoming football game. ...

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Students Protest Ben Carson Event

Outside the Fine Arts building last Thursday, students, faculty, staff and community members of Valdosta protested the arrival of Ben Carson and his speaking at VSU. The peaceful protest was put together by the sociology club. Both presidents, Ashlie Prain, junior, and Jarrett Wilson, senior, sociology majors were in attendance. In addition to protesting they helped create posters, offered ice ...

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SGA Discuss, Debate and Decide Homecoming King and Queen Qualifications

SGA Senators offered input for qualifications for next year’s homecoming king and queen in the last meeting. Senator Matthew Cowan presented a resolution for homecoming King. Following his presentation, the senators started a discussion over the qualifications for homecoming king and queen. SGA Senators were in agreement that the GPA should be raised for homecoming king and queen candidates; some ...

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VSU Ignites School Spirit in Students

Written by Mayah Cantave, Staff Writer School spirit is not something that can be defined easily. It is a feeling of pride, a moment to foster relationships between students and to show support to your school. VSU is attempting to give all students and members of the community that feeling of pride. VSU has begun to kick off many activities ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!