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Study Abroad Brings New Destinations

Written By: Lia Armistead

Studying abroad is one of those things that every student dreams about during their years in college. However, only a small amount of students actually do the research and takes the necessary steps to make this dream come true.

VSU offers many ways for students to broaden their horizons and step out of their comfort zones to study abroad in countries some only wish of seeing. Whether it’s for a summer, a semester or a year, the international office has a large amount of programs to choose from.

Traveling is expensive in itself, let alone living in another country for a long period of time. One of the main worries for students in this day and age is figuring out the financial aspect of studying abroad.

“We encourage everyone to come to our office and talk about it before just deciding that it’s not possible for them,” Beverly Valentine, European council coordinator, said.

There are many ways to overcome this barrier. The international office will work with students to find the funds for study abroad and even offer two fundraisers to subsidize the cost.

Students who sign up for these fundraisers early in the year tend to be able to reach their goal, according to Valentine. There are also 65 scholarships and grants for students to take advantage of, as listed on the study abroad website.

Studying abroad gives students the opportunity to see the world while gaining college credits.

“As our world becomes more and more interconnected, it’s important for students to become global citizens,” Valentine said. “In a study abroad setting, academics become more enriched as everything comes to life with a different cultural perspective.”

There are 20 summer study abroad programs that last 5 weeks, and 21 semester or two semester programs, including United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico and more.

“Students truly do fall in love with wherever they chose to go,” Valentine said. “We offer something for every interest.”

Almost all students have had great experiences studying abroad and would advise for others to give it a try.

“Just do it,” Valentine said. “In the seven years that I’ve been working in study abroad, I’ve not once encountered a student who regretted the decision or the sacrifices they made to achieve this dream.”

The study abroad office is on campus to help students’ desires of traveling the world come true. It is located next to the health center on Georgia Ave. The Honor’s house will be hosting a study abroad fair on Oct. 14.

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